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Our approach is to combine technology and innovation to produce sustainable Engineering solutions  and supports that meet wide-ranging needs and maximise efficiency .


iBOD  is deeply committed to offer technical services to support the entire lifecycle of any project. Whether in long-term partnerships or for one-off projects, we seek to understand an organisation’s aspirations so that we can find imaginative solutions that deliver what they need.

Project Consultancy

Project Managment

iBOD's consultancy services cover from technical and financial feasibility, environmental impact assessment, engineering designing with view on easy facility maintenance, and implementation supervision.

Engineering Surveying

Accurate and Task specific Engineering

Our specialization in engineering survey comes to bare in high end projects especially when acute accuracy and extensive details are of ultimate importance.

Engineering Designs

State of the Art Designs

We deliver state of the art Engineering designs to all category of clients and for all budget sizes. Our designs integrate functionality, aesthetics, durability, safety and culture in the most harmonious ways achievable.

Real Estate


iBOD is a major player in Nigeria's real estate industry. Our services include property management, facility leasing, estate development, and mortgage planning..



Public Private Partnership is an integral part of iBOD's portfolio. We deliver PPP projects either by direct participation or interfacing between corporate entities and the government based on sound feasbility inverstigations.